Brakes in Oak Park

While a car moves you forward, it is important that it can also stop quickly. A good set of brakes for your car is an important (and probably the most important) part of your car. While we use our expertise to choose the right set of brakes for your car, brakes wear down with use and should always be checked regularly. Thankfully, a brake check is one of the first stages of a standard auto checkup at our garage.

Brakes are ceramic plates that are pressed against the brake disc inside your wheels. The friction slows the car and eventually stops your wheels. Older brakes press against a drum inside the wheel. Regardless of the type, these ceramic plates are designed to wear away with use. You can usually tell when an old set of brakes need to be changed when you start hearing a buzzing or humming from your wheels when braking. Our mechanics will tell you when its about time to change them even before you start hearing this.

We recommend you bring your car in for a brake check if you have any suspision that they might be failing. Your safety means everything to us.

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