Electric System Repair

Your car might run on gas, but there are more elecrical systems in a car nowadays than a standard household computer. The average car has about three miles of wire and cable in it! Throughout an average car's life, it will go through about three or four batteries. Without proper care or maintainence, your car's electrical systems will fail. This will comprimise the sensors and various other electrical parts your car relies on to stay running.

Regardless if you need a simple lightbulb changed or if you need your car's battery replaced, we'd be more than happy to help you. We offer longer lasting batteries that can tolerate teh cold winters and the heat stress of summer. We also can repair and replace alternators, which provide your battery with a constant charge of energy. We would love to help you repair your car's electrical problem! Just come by and we'll take a look!

Russo's Auto Service

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