Steering and Suspension Oak Park

On average, you turn your steering wheel at least twelve times when simply driving down a suburban block. The wear and tear your steering column endures builds up over time. Steering systems have been improved for the comfort of driving. Standard steering is replaced with hydrolic and electric steering systems, which push the weight of the wheels for you. Over time, your steering systems should be checked by your mechanic. Sudden steering failure can leave you in a situation that puts your safety at risk.

Your suspension is also a part of your car that adds comfort to your drive. It also helps the car endure the shaking and bumps from the road. Your suspension; which is a combination of air pumps, pneumatic pumps and springs attached to hindges on your car's body and wheels; endures the most physical punishment from the road. While suspensions are more likely to tighten up than break completely, we recommend you bring your car in for checkups on a regular basis. Our mechanics will always tell you when they think there is something wrong with your steering or susspension.

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