Heating and Air Conditioning

You deserve to drive in comfort while in your car. If your heating and air conditioning system is not functional, not only are you suffering at the mercy of the elements, but you migh

t be taxing the electrical systems in your car. This can increase gas milage and cost you a ton, all while you're sweating in the heat or freezing in the cold.

Air conditioning units in cars are much smaller than air conditioning units you find in homes. Though they are smaller, they still use the same process to compress, cool and filter air. Just like a home unit, the air conditioner needs to be maintained and, periodically, refilled with Freon. The heating system is usualy completely electrical, so while electrical needs of your car are checked with every checkup, let your mechanic know that you think the heater is not functioning properly. He or she will usually find the problem and resolve it quickly.

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